The Sissy Parlor reviews are coming in, read them below!

Dear Ms. Ava,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this wonderful first time out en-femme in public experience! It was an exciting and exhilarating experience that I have been waiting for at least 30 years. Its 230am and I am still awake with excitement and naughty thoughts that I was out in public, and for a lengthy period alone on a public street looking like a sexy woman!

Thank you for organizing Jordyn and Samantha for being part of my entourage. I can’t wait to do it again!

You are truly a special woman to help gurls like us to experience the thrill of being a woman. You will forever be in my memories for this.

Love, Shauna.

PS. The pictures you took at the Parlor look fab !!!!!!!!!

~ Shauna

You are an amazing woman Ms. Ava, so beautiful and full of life and non-judgmental. If only I could have met a girl like you that would have allowed me to be Sue every once in a while.

~ Sue
To those thinking of visiting Ms. Ava:
My initial visit to Ms. Ava was with high anticipation, but some skepticism due to past experiences with Dommes.  Her donation requirement is well worth it.  “You get what you pay for” with Ms Ava.
I was NOT disappointed.  For those wishing to explore their feminine side, this is the woman to see.  Sensual, caring, feminization is what Ms. Ava excels in.  Her parlor is immaculate, as is she.  I was very impressed with the “parlor” and how clean it was.  My initial observation of the surroundings put me very much at ease. During the interview, it was easy to see she knew how to pick up on what excited me.  She knows how to bring to the surface a man’s hidden desires and fantasies.  She will teach you to let go of all your fears and anxiety about sharing certain things in your mind that might otherwise be embarrassing..  She has a way about her that is intoxicating.  I expect I’ll be one of her “pets” for years to come.
~ Marci

After putting it off for way too long, I finally had the opportunity to meet the amazing Ms. Ava at her beautiful Parlor in Fort Lauderdale.

Ms. Ava is imaginative, intelligent, gorgeous, and a charming expert and guide, and in no time, we were freely sharing and delving deeply into many areas as if we had known each other as long time friends. I am still very much charged up from our titallating encounter, and am planning many more visits to explore and play in Ms. Ava’s wonderful playground.

~ Misty

Ms. Ava, thank you so much.

I had a WONDERFUL time 🙂

Thank you for your beautiful transformation and such stimulating games! Hope to see you soon.

~ Sophie
From the moment I entered the Parlor, I felt relaxed and comfortable. Ms Ava’s firm yet guiding ways put me at ease and helped me embrace my inner Sissy for the first time.  Her attention to detail, my needs and wants as well her expert advice and tutelage made my experience so amazing that I immediately booked my next appointment.
Finding the Parlor and Ms. Ava has truly been the most amazing thing to happen to me since  arriving in Florida. I strongly recommend it to all aspiring and even experienced sissies and CD’s.
~ Shawna

You are a wonderful Domme. Thanks for the good experience. It has been too long.

~ Anna

Ms. Ava, I had a wonderful time! You catered to my needs to look and feel like a sissy slut! Everything was excellent…. I love the way You talk to me like a slut!

Your slut,

~ Angie

I went to Ms. Ava’s parlor this past weekend and it was amazing. I rarely have an opportunity to get fully dressed and done up. It was so much fun being fully dressed and getting my makeup done.

Having someone who knows what they’re doing makes such a difference. I haven’t felt that pretty in a long time. I highly recommend her services to anyone who’s been thinking about a visit.

~ Stacey

Dear Ms. Ava,

So much occurred during our time that I had to re-live the event to fully comprehend what had occurred.

First I want to tell you that I was very happy with the day. You were so attentive, careful, loving, and fun. From the beginning each step was carefully planned and executed. You had little trigger statements that constantly reminded me that you were in control, and I was submitting to what you wanted while I was being feminized.

The make up session was so much fun, but the scented skin lotions and sparkles put me in a feminine state of mind. Its aroma was girly intoxicating as I sat there melting in the mist. You had me feeling so special while reminding me ” I have something to do to you.” And then you would bring out another surprise. All the pinks caressing the sissy in the most wonderful ways.

When you lifted the sheer pants up my pink legs, and I saw the lace and bows I nearly fainted. We talked about shaving at that time. I actually started to shiver thinking how that material would feel on smooth legs. If we do that in the future, a pedicure would be fun to follow. I also want to compliment you on the chastity attempt. That is a new adventure for me so I really didn’t know how to react, but I do have ideas for the future that may work. I need more education on that subject.

My discipline was deserved. I need to let Alison out. I expect that as I grow a little bigger I may get a bit girly sassy and require additional reminders When you placed that collar around my neck, there were no words. I felt so feminine and submissive I was ready to accept direction.

Thank you for awakening Alison, and beginning her feminization. I hope we can meet again soon. You are a lovely person.

~ Alison

Thank you so much for our time together yesterday. It was truly wonderful. You were enchanting and made me feel safe, sexy and accepted. You are a beautiful person inside and out! Keep well and thank you so much again.

~ S.

I found the pictures almost as exciting as being with you.  I have looked at them at least five times in the last couple of hours. I am forced to admit that I loved every minute of my time with you and have never had a transformation as complete and as exciting as the one I experienced with you.  I want to see you again as soon as I am able to do so. I want to let Sally Ann develop and expand her femininity and I know you are the domme who can allow and assist her to do this.

~ Sally Ann

I’ve been really nervous about trying strap-on play and prostate massage with my husband, so we came to Ms. Ava so I could learn about it and practice under her guidance. She made us so comfortable and helped us get the most out of this new addition to our sex life.

~ Sandy

You are a real woman who understands and embraces my kink so well, you make it “real” for me. The depth of your love for kink and sincerity also come through.

~ Sissy Baby S, phone Client

You have a firm grasp on the subject, which even while being nervous, I felt I could jump into it with a smile.

~ Sissy Lindo, phone client

I just wanted to say I truly enjoyed the article at

It really took my nerves down. It’s also great to know you understand and appreciate bi fantasy.

~ Briana
Dear Miss Ava,
Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. You took me to some really great places  it has been a long time since I played like that and it was wonderful.
I have no idea when I might be able to play again but you will be in my dreams.
It was very hot having your friend watch.
Till the next time, stay well. You definitely have the right stuff.
~ Michele

Dear Ms. Ava, Thank you so much for the session. You made me feel so feminine and slutty. I could not believe the transformation. I can’t wait to see the pictures. I look forward to being used by you in the future.

~ Toni

I am still amazed of the image of the girl in the mirror…. I will have to see you again.

~ Josette

When are you going to stop hiding and let the other side of you out? Come to the Sissy Parlor, and embrace every part of who you really are! At any time, you can stop being jealous and come on in… become a part of the adventure! 😉