Friends of Ava

A Private Society of Pre-screened Playmates
for Discerning Cross-Dressers, Cock Lovers, and Their Admirers


It’s a persistent problem among my clients, Blue Belles, NiteFlirt callers, and friends who

love recreational MtF cock sucking and more (tops and bottoms):


How can I meet discreet, reliable play partners who share my interests?

Using apps and websites is time consuming and risky. Fakes, flakes, and dead profiles abound.

Glory holes and bars are options, too, but impractical for most… and can you really afford the risk?

I want better for you, my darlings.

So I’ve decided to solve this problem by establishing “Friends of Ava,” a private society of like-minded individuals whom I’ve personally met and pre-screened.

The purpose: to help you find other quality people for serious M2F friendship and play.

Basic Information

How Do I Meet Other Members?

You’ll set up a profile in our private Meetup group, where you can:

    • Browse other profiles and correspond through private message.
    • Post specific requests for all members to see.
    • Discuss topics of interest.
    • Learn about social events and private parties.

What Can Be in My Profile?

    • Photos of you: Risqué and sexy is great, but no porn (i.e., no penetration, BJ, or cum shots). Cock shots are fine, especially for tops and switches.
    • A description of you and your interests.
    • Your location (city, state, country) and whether you can host.
    • Your preferred role: T = Top, B = Bottom, E = Either
    • Last STI test date (strongly encouraged)

Who Can Join?

    • Applicants must be personally invited by Ms. Ava or recommended by a member.
    • Parlor clients have already been screened and are automatically eligible.
    • Ms. Ava screens all applicants for criminal history and general character, then conducts a personal interview and video chat.
    • Friends of Ava is for hobbyists only. Members may not ask for money or solicit business of any type.
    • Members may live anywhere in the world—this can help you find friends when traveling. However, the initial focus is on South Florida.

Will I Be Anonymous?

    • Yes, once I’ve screened you. No one has access to your personal information, unless you share it yourself. All communication can be done through the group.
    • Contact me for concerns related to privacy or how I handle your information.

Are There Other Perks?

    • Oh, yes! You could finally have that 2-person session (forced bi, 2 sissies, etc.) with me that you’ve dreamed of, and at reduced cost. Find another member with a compatible scenario, then book a session together at the Parlor. If you split my fee, you’ll each have a super-special fantasy or FemDom session at half the cost.
    • Eligible for private socials and special privileges.
    • Notices about parties or opportunities to play.
    • In certain cases, I may make discreet inquiries on your behalf.

What Is the Cost?

    • Application Fee: $100 (waived for Parlor clients)
    • Monthly Dues: Free until January 1 while I’m ramping up membership, then $49/month if you choose to continue.

How Do I Join?

    • If you’re already a Parlor client, you can join immediately, with no application fee. E-mail me and I’ll send you instructions.

I’m Not Yet a Friend or Client of Ms. Ava’s. How Can I Join?

    1. Send me an e-mail, telling me about yourself and your interests.
    2. I’ll reply with instructions for our interview and how to submit the $100 application fee.
    3. You must be willing to share basic personal information with me for screening.
    4. A brief video chat or personal interview is also required.

How Do I Refer a Friend?

    1. Have them e-mail me. They’ll need to identify you by whatever name I know you by. I will contact you to confirm.
    2. If they’re accepted and join, I’ll take $20 off your next monthly dues.

It’s Fun to Play with Friends!

Contact Ms. Ava