Save Money and Double the Fun with “Gal Pal” Sessions

Dress with a Friend!

Many gurls who visit me at the Parlor say they love getting gorgeous with another crossdresser—it’s always more fun! And doubling up can save you money.

Did you know I offer “Gal Pal” sessions? Bring a friend to dress or play together with me at a special rate. Both people must be screened and approved before booking.

“Gal Pal” Session Rates (total for 2 participants):

Type 1 (Let’s Be Girly):  $150/hour (Blue Belles members: $125/hour)

Type 2 (Playtime): Contact me to inquire.

Don’t have a friend to bring along, but still like being social? Join the Parlor Gurls to attend private “Gurl Time” sessions.





I Love Men en Femme

My first full immersion into Femdom was as an office manager/dungeon den mother at a large commercial dungeon in the early-ish days of the internet. Among other duties, I interviewed, hired, and managed the mistresses and houseboys. I’ll leave the details for another post someday. But it was the best gig ever.

On the first floor of this Victorian house was the sissy parlor… a large sitting room filled with man-sized clothing and shoes, makeup, wigs, full-length mirrors, and more. Garters. Stockings. Lingerie. Slutwear. Maid outfits. Evening gowns. Street dresses. Tutus and tights.

I loved seeing first-time visitors’ reactions when I flung open the French doors to reveal a feminization nirvana.  For some, it took their breath away. It brought damp eyes to at least one. These were competent, intelligent men who wanted to be beautiful and soft sometimes, and to be appreciated and celebrated as they tapped into their feminine energy all too rare in society. One particular incident with a closeted sissy fueled my passion for enlightenment and acceptance through sexuality education. You can hear it during the first few minutes of this old interview:

Since that day, crossdressers, sissies, pantyboys, transwomen, and other gender flexers have held a special place in my heart. There’s a strength to people who break free of gender typecasting, a richness to those willing to tap into both their male and female energies. Many cultures believe that such people have spiritual or other powers. While I can’t say if that’s true, I can tell you that there’s something special about the human beings who come to me for en femme exploration and fun.