Phone Appointments with Ms. Ava

Too nervous or too far away for an appointment at the Parlor? Phone and online sessions are a practical, budget-conscious solution. I offer two types of phone services depending on your needs.

Type 1: Cross-Dresser Confidante and Sissy Life Coach

Talking things out with a woman who “gets you” can be cathartic.

♥ Feeling isolated and want a caring voice to talk to about your cross-dressing, sexuality issues, or kinky desires? ♥ Tired of being alone with your most intimate thoughts, concerns, goals, and confessions? ♥ Bursting to share your story with someone—even those secrets you may be keeping from your therapist? ♥ Struggling to deal with a troubled relationship, or want advice on handling a new one? ♥ Looking for information, guidance, and moral support as you explore feminization, chastity, pegging, ABDL, or kinky fun? ♥ I can help. Contact me today to schedule a call.


  • 15 minutes = $30
  • 30 minutes = $55
  • 60 minutes = $100*

Multi-hour packages available; inquire for pricing

Free 10-minute Type 1 consultation for new clients.

Or talk with me by the minute on NiteFlirt: 1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478), ext. 11335551 or
Call Button

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Type 2: Phone Training and Domination

Looking for more than talk and support? Need personalized training and accountability as a sissy, chastity slave, or service submissive? I’ll become your personal Domme, providing the strong female force required to guide, push, monitor, and enforce your progress. These rates also apply to erotic fantasy and role play calls.  Custom packages are available for long-term training. Inquire for rates on ABDL babysitting by phone or webcam (not available through NiteFlirt).

  • 15 minutes = $50
  • 30 minutes = $80
  • 60 minutes = $150

Text, Chat, and Webcam Sessions

Inquire for rates and details.

How to Schedule

  1. Contact me to schedule our call. Use my chat button, Niteflirt mail, text, or e-mail
  2. I will confirm a call time and instructions.
  3. If not using NiteFlirt, you must you prepay for the call. See “How to Pay” below.

How to Pay

All phone sessions must be paid within 2 hours after I confirm our call time. Please use one of the following methods: 

  1. MoneyPak card. Buy one with cash at CVS, Walgreen, Walmart, RiteAid, Office Depot, and other major retailers, then send me the numbers from the back.
  2. to
  3. Amazon e-gift card to

Possible Topics For Discussion

  • Can I tell you about my first time (fill in adventure here), Ms. Ava?
  • Can I tell you about some of my favorite outfits?
  • Can I tell you about my favorite fantasies and goals?
  • Can I read you a naughty story I wrote?
  • Why do I want to suck cock when I’m en femme? Does that make me gay?
  • And if I do suck cock… what if I like it too much?
  • Why am I obsessed with cum?
  • How can I learn to give a great blow job?
  • How do you train your sissy sluts?
  • Tell me about pegging and strap-ons and anal training and sissygasms!
  • What about cuckolding? How can I be one?
  • How can I make myself more sexy and feminine?
  • Do you have any tips on hair removal?
  • What’s so appealing about chastity?
  • How can I find partner(s) who will accept me?
  • Should I tell my wife/girlfriend?
  • Can you give me shopping, wardrobe, and makeup tips?
  • How do you prefer to spank your sissies?
  • Can we talk about alternative lifestyles: polyamory, open relationships, BDSM?

Learn more about Ms. Ava 

New clients can contact me to schedule a free 10-minute Type 1 consultation!