* Would you like to relax en femme with Ms. Ava and other CDs in a private domestic environment?

* Are you reluctant to go out in public, but tired of dressing alone?

* Looking for a safe, discreet way to meet quality like-minded friends and/or playmates?


Join Us for “Gurl Time”—

Private group cross-dressing sessions at The Sissy Parlor

What Is Gurl Time?

Gurl Time sessions are intimate private group socials for discerning cross-dressers and TGs at The Sissy Parlor. It’s an opportunity to relax en femme with Ms. Ava and a few like-minded others for refreshments and fun.

  • Ms. Ava will show you where to change. Makeup mirrors are available. Ms. Ava can help you dress and apply basic makeup (eyebrows, shadow, liner, blush, lipstick)
  • Activities depend on the participants’ interests and the energy flow of the party. They could include:
    • Free-flowing conversation.
    • Guided discussion on a specific topic, e.g. wardrobe, makeup, self-acceptance, sex, relationships.
    • Posing for and/or taking photos.
    • Demonstrations or “show-and-tell” of techniques and toys.
    • Watching videos, sharing favorite websites and content.
    • Sexuality-related discussions and naughty banter are common. Play is permitted, but not the intended focus. Ms. Ava may be in the mood to give a demo. None are a given.

Who Can Attend?

  • All first-timers must be screened, interviewed, and approved. Attendance is at Ms. Ava’s discretion.
  • Attendance is limited. Waitlisting may be required.
  • By RSVP only. No drop-ins, ever.


  • $150 for a 3-hour social.
  • A $50 deposit is required of all first-timers or previous no-shows.

Other Information

  • Bring your own clothes and personal items if you can. Ms. Ava can dress you from the Parlor closet upon request.
  • Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided. No drugs or liquor bottles. You may bring beer, white wine, or a personal flask. Red wine is permitted, but must be kept in the dining area.
  • Arrive ready to slip into your sweet femme self for friendship and R&R.

Upcoming Gurl Time dates:

Sunday, March 17:   4–7 p.m.

Tuesday, March 19:   11 a.m –2 p.m.

Friday, March 22:  6–9 p.m.

Apply or RSVP through the form below.

Gurl Time Application and RSVP Form