Gifts for Ms. Ava and/or the Parlor

I love receiving useful and/or beautiful gifts from gurls near and far—you’ll put a smile on my face all day! It’s a thoughtful way to express appreciation  and support my work at the Parlor. Here are a few ideas:

Wish Lists

Amazon Wish List: Personal Gifts for Ms. Ava (being updated; coming soon)
Amazon Wish List: Gifts for the Parlor Closet (being updated; coming soon)
Amazon Wish List: Toys and Miscellaneous Goodies (being updated; coming soon)

Gift Cards

Send gift cards through or Amazon  to the e-mail address

Cash Gifts for Treats and Expenses

My mood is light and happy when I have cash on hand to spend at my discretion. Whether it’s for sexy new shoes or lingerie, a movie, a massage, the electric bill, new makeup, or a bucket list star-gazing trip, the flexibility of your cash gifts means a lot to me. Options for sending are:

Offline (no digital trail): Buy a MoneyPak card (available at most drugstore chains, Walmart, Office Depot, etc) and text me a picture of the numbers off the back.

Online: Sent a gift card through to the address

Paypal: Contact me for my PayPal link.


My techno-gadgets are aging. I wold love some new technology to improve my efficiency and my life: iPad, iPhone,  Windows laptop, flatscreen smart TV to hang in the Parlor.

Personal Care

Pamper me with a mani-pedi, hair color and style, and glass of  pinot noir at my favorite salon on Los Olas Blvd. Send a cash gift (see above) earmarked for that purpose in the note. I’ll send you pictures from the pedicure chair.

Give me the gift of health and more free time with a meal plan from DeliverLean. If their gift card page isn’t working, send a cash gift with the purpose earmarked.  I’ll send you a pic of my pleasure as I savor one of those meals.

Other Gifts

I love surprises! If you want to buy something special for me and/or the Parlor, contact me for the shipping address.

I’d especially like sexy dresses, shoes, and electronics.

Ms. Ava’s Sizes and Preferences

Shoe size: 7.5W or 8
Dress size: 6
Height: 5’4”
Bust: 36
Waist: 27
Hips: 36

Favorite colors: Deep jewel tones: dark red, emerald green, royal purple, black, white. No pastels. 

Jewelry: More silver than gold. Clip-on style for large earrings. Ring size: 7

Preferred cosmetics: Mac, Sephora

Birthday: December 1