The Silence of the Diva

Darlings, please understand something… I don’t make regular blog and social media posts. But that doesn’t mean I’m idle.

I consciously try to savor my life and work, immersing myself in the  moment. My thoughts rarely turn toward documenting my experiences and thoughts for the  masses. Once that moment has passed and I’ve relished its juicy goodness, I’m off to the next thing.

Here’s my confession: The pressure to regularly report my activities and thoughts online makes me want to dig in my heels like a petulant child. Is it true that regular blog posts are  needed to prove that I’m active? Will adding more memes, cleavage pics, and links  to the digital clutter on social media really bring new friends to the Parlor who wouldn’t have found me otherwise?

Writing posts of value takes precious time, thought, and effort.  I  generally prefer to spend that time with other human beings, or in quiet reverie, or playing, or learning, or planning, or—best yet—immersed in a new experience or adventure. Because that’s what life’s about.

My Parlor Gurls, clients, and other friends are privy to those stories and thoughts—in person or on the phone. They offer the same to me.  I love sharing our lives and experiences that way. Person to person. Voice to voice.

But when it’s time to  stare at a keyboard, think of a topic, sort through pictures,  create a witty title, write and revise and revise some more, I grow impatient and become blocked. The older I get, the more I want to spend  each hour doing, seeing, feeling, and being—not displaying, not posing, not rehashing. I don’t crave mass adulation. Just caring and connection with an  intimate circle of Parlor Gurls, private clients, visitors, Blue Belles, partners, and friends. 

Is this lack of consistent posting bad for marketing? Conventional Wisdom says so—but I’ve found CV  to be an untrustworthy advisor. Is it selfish? Perhaps. I do have things of value to share. But I’m more driven to maximize the time I spend living, learning, reflecting, playing, adventuring, and making a personal difference to others.

I may come back and eat these words. Maybe someday Twitter and Instagram won’t turn my mental focus into shrapnel. Maybe someday I’ll outsource to someone who can prove ROI. Maybe I’ll become more patient with scrolling through pages of drivel in search of meaty information.

Sometimes I am inspired to post. When I feel like it. When I have something to say. Sometimes even in flurries. But not on a schedule.

Either way, I’m here. Maybe you should be, too. Schedule an appointment with me, in person or by phone, and together let’s create a new life-enriching experience of your own.