Hello, my lovelies.

Come shed your man-cloak for awhile.

Let’s explore ALL you can be.  

I specialize in femme fantasy, M2F transformation, and mentoring, erotic coaching, training, and companionship for crossdressers, kinksters, gender explorers, sissies, pantyboys, TGs, and  others with nonconforming gender expression in South Florida and online. As your Mistress and your muse, I help you release and embrace your hidden softer side and can immerse you in the deep sensual experiences of womanhood.

Do you crave the luxurious feel of stockings and lingerie? Dream of  experiencing new sensations and learning new skills as I train you to serve as one of my highly prized sissy sluts or a properly uniformed sissy maid? Perhaps you want to be made up and see your softer side in glamorous evening attire… or get dolled up and cruise in a slutty skirt and heels? We can schedule a shopping expedition, dress you from my wardrobe, or you can bring your own clothes and accessories.

Whether it’s a one-time bucket list experience or an ongoing desire, leave your man-cloak at the door and indulge your feminine fantasies with me. I can be a gentle mentor for support, or a strict guide to help foster your evolution.

I especially enjoy guiding couples where the woman supports her man’s need to explore feminization, pegging, kink, chastity, or bisexual interests but seeks a comrade in encouraging (or perhaps even enforcing) his development.  If you’re a male without the support of a partner, turn to me as your personal confidante and coach.

Schedule a live session if you’re near Fort Lauderdale, or work with me by phone or online.

I also enjoy playing with foot lovers, adult babies, ABDLs, littles, furries, and the occasional masochist. 

Questions? Connect with me via the chat button at lower right, send me an e-mail, or message me on Fetlife.